Using one node as reverse proxy is a bottleneck. Introducing IPVS I can improve the performance of a website.

Today I want to talk about how I spotted a performance bottleneck in a my infrastructure (DockerLab) and found a way to prevent that.

All started during a performance test on a website hosted on DockerLab. Let me present the scenario: a static website is served by 4 Nginxs that…

Recently I have been exploring the DevOps world. In my path I encountered the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. In order to understand what they mean, I attended a course on Udemy by Ali Rizavi and read some articles around. You can find the references on bottom of this article…

Fabrizio Waldner

Site Reliability Engineer at Google. This is my personal blog, thoughts and opinions belong solely to me and not to my employer.

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