The title might state something trivial, but the consequences may be unexpected. Let me frame the issue.

The problem

Working in an organization normally means to collaborate with other people. The idea of the organization is to achieve a common goal, but, counterintuitively, an higher number of people can lead to less output or less output per person.

This because often collaboration means checking/passing the work each other. …

Today I want to talk about how I spotted a performance bottleneck in a my infrastructure (DockerLab) and found a way to prevent that.

All started during a performance test on a website hosted on DockerLab. Let me present the scenario: a static website is served by 4 Nginxs that run on 4 Raspberry Pis. The Nginxs are not directly on the bare metal, but they are in Docker containers managed by the Docker swarm. Besides, in front of every Nginx there is a Traefik reverse proxy. …

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

In my life I have seen a lot of conflicts born from the misunderstanding. For misunderstanding I mean when two or more people want to achieve a common goal (e.g. an holiday together, a work project…), but in their minds the idea to accomplish it is different.

I will do some examples that happened to me or people close to me in order to explain this problem.

The perfect holiday: during a trip I met some friends that were in holiday too. The idea was to spend a couple of days together in a sea city. We agreed for the…

I was developing the project web-infrared ( and I decided to create a reliable environment where develop. For reliable I mean that I can write new code, even in distance of months, without breaking the old features.

web-infrared is basically a web service that exposes API and a web page to control my television, you can find more information in this article.

Cloud solutions, like Travis CI, are too limited when you develop for ARM architecture or if you want to test your code on several containers concurrently (especially if you use the free version). I like Raspberry Pis, but…

I want to describe my hiring path for the people that know me and maybe it can be interesting for those who are trying to get hired as an SRE (Site Reliability Engineer).

The hiring process lowers the uncertainty

There is a nice article about SRE hiring (, it is nice because there is a beautiful graph and engineers love graphs:

The hardware

Where the idea comes from

From day to day my TV remote control begun not to work properly. So I decided to create my own remote control with a Raspberry Pi Zero.

The requirements are:

  • accessible by mobile phone
  • no need to install nothing on mobile
  • possibility to control several devices

It follows that should be a web-service accessible with a standard web browser.

I decided to split the original article in two because too big: one is more centered on the hardware/software of the web remote control (this one) and the other one is more centered on the develop of the engineering of the…

Recently I have been exploring the DevOps world. In my path I encountered the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. In order to understand what they mean, I attended a course on Udemy by Ali Rizavi and read some articles around. You can find the references on bottom of this article. I wrote this article as a summary for me, but I think it can be useful even for others.

CI/CD is a vortex of tests and deployments

Some definitions

Continuous Integration is a practice that aims to integrate new code changes and keep the source code base in a good state. …


Nowadays computer science is very advanced; and I expect to be able to simplify my life by automating and integrating several components.

For example, have you ever thought about keeping track of your tenants’ payments and sending an email to those who forgot to pay the rent?

I found N26 ( very flexible in these terms. Exploiting the API, you can create your own logic to handle your account.

You can find some unofficial API documentation on the internet, but what I didn’t find was how to make a bank transfer. …

An infrastructure of distributed systems where you can run your containerized services.

Schema of the infrastructure


I am Unix system administrator and, as a lot of people in my field, I treasure a project as a baby at home. This project is important for me because it aims to create a supporting infrastructure to test and run other services/projects. So it let me unleash my creativity.

In fact, I installed this configuration on my 3 Raspberry Pis and on them I run several websites, reverse proxies and monitoring tools.

All is started from these 4 points:
- I didn’t have a NAS or some…


I like to play at home with Raspberry pi. At work I am a system administrator and our first goal is to serve a service without interruptions. This thing fascinates me and I wanted reproduce this condition at home. This project is a proof of concept to verify if what I have in my mind can work.


Before start with the project I asked me some definitions. At work there are contracts with customer that define services and boundaries. My project at home is an hobby, so I have to define myself what are the goals.

What is a…

Fabrizio Waldner

Site Reliability Engineer at Google. This is my personal blog, thoughts and opinions belong solely to me and not to my employer.

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